Empowering Women in Safety and Administration: A Look at Rachel Ntimane’s Journey

At NDT Projects, where safety is a top priority and administration keeps things running smoothly, Rachel Ntimane shines as a role model. With a job that combines office work and safety management, Rachel’s story is one of hard work, inspiration, and breaking boundaries.

Rachel’s job as an Administrator and Safety Officer at NDT Projects is more than just a job. She’s a key player in making sure the company is known for its safety record, and that nobody gets hurt on the job. The company’s reputation is safe in her hands.

Rachel joined the NDT Projects team about a year and two months ago. What made her want to do this job? It’s simple: she cares about people. She wants every person who goes to work to come back home safely. Even if it’s not always easy, she believes in training and making sure everyone knows how to stay safe.

This Women’s Month, Rachel shares her story about facing challenges as a woman in her role. Some people didn’t think a woman could tell them what to do. But Rachel didn’t give up. She was respectful but firm, and that made people listen and work together.

Rachel is most proud of something she did at work. She used to be scared of heights, but she went to one of the Power Stations, where everything is big and noisy. She faced her fear and even started to enjoy being there. It’s a big achievement for her.

Women do important things in all kinds of jobs and Rachel’s job is a great example. She says if you want to be like her, be ready for some paperwork and be good at talking to people. Safety is serious, but being friendly is important too.

Sometimes, Rachel stops bad things from happening by talking to people. People can have problems that make work unsafe, but Rachel knows how to help. She’s even received accolades from people she’s helped.

Rachel believes a few things are really important for her job: Liking your job and being good at it, treating people with kindness, listening well, talking to others, and caring about people.

Rachel says good teamwork means talking and working together. When everyone is heard and works together, things are safe and work gets done.

Rachel has advice for women who want to do well in jobs dominated by men. She says:

  • Be the kind of person you’d like to meet.
  • Show respect to others and your job.
  • Believe in yourself.
  • Talk to others.
  • Be on time.

Rachel Ntimane’s story at NDT Projects shows that hard work and caring for others can make a big difference. She’s not just keeping people safe – she’s paving the way easier for other women who want to do great things too.