Empowering Women in Non-Destructive Testing: Navigating the Path to Success with 2Roads Group

Shining the spotlight this Women’s Month with #WomenInNDT

This is the story of Ntakadzeni Netshisaulu, a trailblazing woman who defied odds, shattered stereotypes, and carved a niche for herself in the realm of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT). As we commemorate Women’s Month, it is only fitting that we shine a spotlight on her journey, her accomplishments, and her role in the #WomenInNDT movement, at Integrity NDT Projects (INDT) a member company of the 2Roads Group.

Ntakadzeni Netshisaulu’s journey began in the quaint village of “Mulodi,” situated just outside Thohoyandou. Her early years were a testament to her tenacity, and after completing her Grade 12 education at Thengwe High School in 2012, she embarked on a new chapter of her life at Vaal University of Technology in 2013. Here, she pursued her National Diploma in Non-Destructive Testing, a field integral to ensuring the safety and reliability of critical structures without causing damage.

Upon completing her semesters in 2017, Ntakadzeni faced the challenge of finding in-service training to finalize her National Diploma. However, her path was riddled with challenges, one of which was the industry’s lack of recognition for the NDT National Diploma. Despite these obstacles, her education laid a strong foundation, equipping her with fundamental principles and an expansive knowledge of the industry.

In a turning point that marked the convergence of opportunity and perseverance, Ntakadzeni’s journey led her to the doorstep of Integrity NDT, a member company of 2Roads Group. In June 2021, she became part of the Work Integrated Learning (WIL) programme, a lifeline for students seeking practical training experiences. 2Roads Group facilitated Ntakadzeni’s training placement at one of the INDT operations in Mpumalanga, where she spent over a year honing her skills. During this time, she worked alongside Level 2 NDT discipline Technicians, gaining invaluable hands-on experience.

Ntakadzeni’s hunger for growth and excellence became evident as she pursued further qualifications. In 2022, she added UT Level 1 to her existing credentials, namely MPT 2-SNT and PT 2-SNT, unlocking the role of a Wall Thickness Technician and an Ultrasonic Level 1 Technician. This achievement not only fuelled her excitement but also ignited a desire to acquire more skills and qualifications in the future.

Within the collaborative framework of Integrity NDT and 2Roads Group, Ntakadzeni found herself amid a landscape of empowerment initiatives, particularly those tailored to women. As a testament to her dedication and ethics, she connected with her fellow colleagues in 2Roads Group through programs like the Women in NDT.

Ntakadzeni’s journey was significantly enriched by the mentorship and guidance of leaders from 2Roads Group, including Ridwaan Patel, Tyson Makhura, Thokozane Maseko, Mbuso Mahlangu, Queenton Maligana, Sijabulise Matwasa, Sihle Ngidi, Nhlanhla Maseko, and Gabriel Thebe.

Looking ahead, Ntakadzeni envisions herself as a Level 3 professional in all NDT disciplines, an industry expert, and a leader. Her aspirations transcend beyond individual success; she aims to shape a space historically dominated by men. With her sights set on becoming a site manager, Ntakadzeni’s story stands as an inspiration to all aspiring women in NDT.

As we celebrate Women’s Month, let us remember and celebrate the stories of incredible women like Ntakadzeni Netshisaulu. Through determination, knowledge, and a supportive community, women are breaking barriers and forging paths toward excellence in industries traditionally occupied by men. The #WomenInNDT movement is a testament to the fact that the journey of empowerment and gender equality is an ongoing endeavour—one that requires recognition, support, and continued effort.