Empowering Excellence: Celebrating Orlanda Edwardo’s Journey at Paltech during Women’s Month

As we celebrate Women’s Month, we want to shine the spotlight to the remarkable journey of one of our own, Orlanda Edwardo, within the Paltech family, a member company of the 2Roads Group. Orlanda’s evolution from an intern to a permanent stock quality controller is a testament to her dedication, skills, and the supportive environment that Paltech nurtures.

Orlanda’s journey at Paltech began during her time at varsity, where she pursued industrial engineering. With a keen interest in manufacturing, she set her sights on gaining practical experience in a manufacturing company, and Paltech’s reputation as a leading player in this industry naturally drew her in. The decision to join Paltech as an intern was motivated by her desire to apply classroom knowledge in a real-world setting.

During her internship, Orlanda was quick to adapt to the company’s work environment. She attributes this smooth transition to the guidance of her mentor, who ensured she was equipped with a comprehensive understanding of her tasks. Her main responsibilities centred around continuous improvement, where she was tasked with enhancing Paltech’s stores and workshops using industrial engineering techniques.

Orlanda’s journey at Paltech took a pivotal turn as she transitioned from an intern to a permanent stock quality controller. Her relentless pursuit of adding value and her focus on process improvement played a pivotal role in securing her permanent role. By demonstrating her commitment to reducing costs and eliminating waste, she showcased her capability to thrive in the company’s dynamic environment.

As a stock quality controller, Orlanda’s responsibilities expanded to include issuing, receiving, testing, and inspecting raw and finished goods. Her background in industrial engineering provided her with the necessary skills to excel in this role, allowing her to contribute meaningfully to Paltech’s operational excellence.

Being a part of the 2Roads Group has significantly shaped Orlanda’s professional journey. The exposure to a wider network of expertise has enabled her to gain valuable knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry. This broader perspective has instilled in her the importance of self-discipline, a crucial quality in any successful career.

Through collaborations and learning opportunities within the group, Orlanda underwent training in quality management, earning certificates from reputable institutions such as AfCEN and Bureau Veritas. These experiences have not only enriched her skill set but also solidified her role as a quality controller.

Orlanda’s growth has been nurtured by Paltech’s supportive work culture. The company’s emphasis on respect and teamwork has played a pivotal role in shaping her professional development. Additionally, mentorship and training programs, such as the Bureau Veritas Training, have further empowered her to enhance her skills and capabilities.

Paltech’s work environment, coupled with the assistance of her colleagues on the workshop floor, facilitated Orlanda’s transition from an intern to a permanent employee. This mutual support system exemplifies Paltech’s commitment to fostering growth within its ranks.

During her tenure, Orlanda’s achievements shine brightly. Notably, her instrumental role in the Ghana project, where she meticulously tagged hundreds of valves according to their drawing numbers using valves drawings and symbols, exemplifies her dedication and attention to detail.

Furthermore, Orlanda successfully implemented improvements in the stock quality control process by introducing a system to align raw materials with their corresponding certificates. This initiative showcased her problem-solving skills and commitment to maintaining the highest standards.

Orlanda’s future within Paltech and the 2Roads Group looks promising. With aspirations to become a quality manager, she envisions herself contributing to the company’s growth through continuous training and specialization, such as establishing a dedicated valve testing and inspection department.

Orlanda’s journey is encapsulated in her role as a mentor to previous interns, demonstrating her growth from a newcomer to a seasoned professional. Overcoming challenges and embracing opportunities have been central to her development, fostering an environment of understanding and cooperation among her colleagues.

As we celebrate Women’s Month, Orlanda Edwardo’s story stands as a testament to the power of innovation, and the supportive culture fostered by Paltech and the 2Roads Group. Her journey from an intern to a permanent stock quality controller is an inspiration to us all, highlighting the importance of resilience, adaptability, and the pursuit of excellence.

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